Radio Access Network Build

Continued growth in mobile subscriptions and traffic is expected over the coming years, putting a demand on the networks to evolve to meet capacity, coverage, speed and the seamless experience demanded by subscribers. Tomorrow’s networks will require the roll-out of new radios to legacy sites, and in some cases the implementation of new networks to meet the increasing traffic and coverage demands.


We have developed an industrialized approach to the building of RAN networks to support the demand on tomorrow’s networks. This approach ensures we have the best trained and certified competence available around the globe to consistently deliver high quality services, specifically tailored to our products. Through the use of world leading processes, methods and proprietary tools we ensure that the latest and most efficient approach is used to meet our customers’ demands.


SIXWARES' capabilities and long experience combined with our industrialized approach to RAN build ensures efficient and timely implementation with a focus on time to market, delivery precision and high quality.


01 School Management System for efficiently operating schools. It contais modules covering registration, enrollment, attendance.

02 Hospital Management System designed to manage all the aspects of a clinic or hospital's operation, such as medical, administrative, financial and issues.