The broad range of support offered by SIXWARES ensures you the most from your network investment. Network purpose, design, reliability, performance and OPEX are all interconnected: At SIXWARES, we believe in offering cost-effective maintenance and support solutions, by providing tailor-fit packages to meet each customer’s specific needs.


BC Business Solultions' maintenance and support teams are committed to providing the highest level of service to ensure the availability and efficiency of your network as well as support your day-to-day operations.


Based on experience and customer feedback, Maintenance and Support service packages (Prime, Prime+ and Prime SW) are available to cater for your basic needs for technical, hardware and software support. These can easily be expanded to accommodate additional requirements for support, maintenance and operational activities (Premium).


01 School Management System for efficiently operating schools. It contais modules covering registration, enrollment, attendance.

02 Hospital Management System designed to manage all the aspects of a clinic or hospital's operation, such as medical, administrative, financial and issues.